Virginia Cooperative Extension will be offering Well Water educational and testing clinics during the fourth week in July, in Gloucester and Mathews County. The first meeting will be the ‘kickoff meeting’, where we’ll discuss basic well water safety and maintenance, we’ll discuss the proper procedures to take water samples, and we’ll hand out the sample kits. The kickoff meetings take roughly an hour.

These are the kickoff meeting times and locations:

  • 7/24, 10:00 AM – Mathews Extension Office (10494 Buckley Hall Road, Mathews)
  • 7/24, 7:00 PM – Gloucester Extension Office (7400 Carriage Court, Gloucester – off of Main Street, near the courthouse circle)
  • 7/25, 10:00 AM - Gloucester Extension Office

On the 26th of July, we ask participants to drop off samples to their closest Extension office no later than the following times:

  • Gloucester Extension office – no later than 10:00 AM
  • Mathews Extension office – no later than 9:30 AM

The final meeting will be the interpretation meeting. At the interpretation meetings we hand back individual sample results, discuss common water quality issues that turned up in the aggregate results, what remediation steps the participants could take, and discuss options to afford potential remediation.

Here are the locations, dates, and times:

  • 8/28, 10:00 AM –  Mathews Extension Office
  • 8/28, 7:00 PM – Gloucester Extension Office
  • 8/29, 10:00 AM – Gloucester Extension Office

Since we are offering this at-cost, through the BSE labs at Virginia Tech, we are able to offer the sampling at cost, at $55 – compared to $250-$350 if done privately. Furthermore, we have some funds available for scholarships for low-income households that are unable to afford that $55, in which case the well water clinic will be free for them. However, scholarships are prioritized to low-income households, and to residents of that clinic location (Mathews residents for the Mathews clinic, Gloucester residents for the Gloucester clinics, etc.). We’ll also have a small pot of money to help with the cost of shock cholorination, filtration systems, and other remediation.

For More Information:

Well Water Clinic Flyer - Gloucester (PDF)

Well Water Clinic Flyer - Mathews (PDF)

Scholarship Form (PDF)

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